Public Consultation


Rushcliffe Borough Council is holding a Public Consultation event on Wednesday 17 February between 3pm and 8pm at East Leake Parish Council Offices on Main Street, East Leake.

The Borough Council is now preparing the second part of its Local Plan (Local Plan Part 2). It will include further policies and proposals for housing, employment, retail, open spaces and nature conservation.

The Local Plan will go together with the East Leake Neighbourhood Plan to manage new development locally.

Planning permission has recently been granted for new housing development on a number of sites around the village. The Borough Council does not expect that Local Plan Part 2 will propose any further housing sites around the village. It might, however, include policies relating to possible future employment and retail development locally.

The consultation is to get your views on what should be included in Local Plan Part 2.

The consultation event is open to come along to any time between 3pm and 8pm. For more information go to:





East Leake Parish Council will be closed from 12 noon on Thursday 24th December and will re-open on Monday 4th January 2016.

During this time the telephone and emails will be checked so that any urgent queries will receive a response as soon as possible.

East Leake Parish Council and its staff wish you a Happy Christmas and New Year.

Results of East Leake Neighbourhood Plan Referendum

Declaration of result of poll: East Leake Planning Referendum

19 November 2015

The result of the East Leake Neighbourhood Planning Referendum for the East Leake neighbourhood, held on Thursday 19 November, is as follows:

Question: Do you want Rushcliffe Borough Council to use the Neighbourhood Plan for East Leake to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?

94.58% voted yes.

5.42% voted no.

The result is therefore in favour of the Neighboorhood Plan.

Voter turnout was 24.94%.



The installation of the new play equipment is proving to be very exciting and interesting. We have had lots of positive feedback and questions from members of the local community. So many people have said that they have enjoyed sitting watching the project develop before their eyes and we know the young people are very keen and eager to try out the new equipment.

The project is well within the timed scheduled. The contractors who have installed the equipment should be moving off the site by the end of this week. There is special flooring to go down in the green fenced off area and this work is scheduled in for week commencing 17th August. We are told this will take approximately three days. Then there will be any final touches and installation of last minute equipment which can’t be done before the flooring is put down. Finally we need a safety inspection by a playground inspector before we can allow the new play area to be used.

So, your patience is requested for just a little while longer. We will let you know when the new play area is to be opened and safe for your use.

In the meantime, please do observe the safety notices and do not enter the area whilst the play equipment is being installed. This is for your own safety and the Parish Council cannot accept any responsibility for your safety if you choose to ignore the warning signs. The equipment is to be subject to final inspection before use so please be mindful of the safety signs.

The Parish Council is to arrange an official opening ceremony and this will be discussed at its Amenities Committee meeting on Tuesday 18th August but the park will be opened for use prior to the ceremony taking place.

Thank you for respecting the work being done and to those of you who have kept a watchful eye on the security of the area it is very much appreciated.

A huge thank you to the contractors who have worked so hard on the project and who again have said how much they have enjoyed working in East Leake and meeting and talking to so many people about the project. They have been a joy to work with.

We’ll let you know when the park is open for your use.

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