Results of East Leake Neighbourhood Plan Referendum

Declaration of result of poll: East Leake Planning Referendum

19 November 2015

The result of the East Leake Neighbourhood Planning Referendum for the East Leake neighbourhood, held on Thursday 19 November, is as follows:

Question: Do you want Rushcliffe Borough Council to use the Neighbourhood Plan for East Leake to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?

94.58% voted yes.

5.42% voted no.

The result is therefore in favour of the Neighboorhood Plan.

Voter turnout was 24.94%.



The installation of the new play equipment is proving to be very exciting and interesting. We have had lots of positive feedback and questions from members of the local community. So many people have said that they have enjoyed sitting watching the project develop before their eyes and we know the young people are very keen and eager to try out the new equipment.

The project is well within the timed scheduled. The contractors who have installed the equipment should be moving off the site by the end of this week. There is special flooring to go down in the green fenced off area and this work is scheduled in for week commencing 17th August. We are told this will take approximately three days. Then there will be any final touches and installation of last minute equipment which can’t be done before the flooring is put down. Finally we need a safety inspection by a playground inspector before we can allow the new play area to be used.

So, your patience is requested for just a little while longer. We will let you know when the new play area is to be opened and safe for your use.

In the meantime, please do observe the safety notices and do not enter the area whilst the play equipment is being installed. This is for your own safety and the Parish Council cannot accept any responsibility for your safety if you choose to ignore the warning signs. The equipment is to be subject to final inspection before use so please be mindful of the safety signs.

The Parish Council is to arrange an official opening ceremony and this will be discussed at its Amenities Committee meeting on Tuesday 18th August but the park will be opened for use prior to the ceremony taking place.

Thank you for respecting the work being done and to those of you who have kept a watchful eye on the security of the area it is very much appreciated.

A huge thank you to the contractors who have worked so hard on the project and who again have said how much they have enjoyed working in East Leake and meeting and talking to so many people about the project. They have been a joy to work with.

We’ll let you know when the park is open for your use.

New Playground Update


The refurbishment of the play equipment on the Gotham Road Recreation Ground is, to date, moving along on schedule and taking shape. The construction people have worked so hard and diligently and have been a pleasure to work with. They have fielded lots of questions and enquiries about the project and have received a friendly welcome. The young people in particular have been very curious and asked lots of questions. The construction staff have indicated that it has been a pleasure to work here in East Leake and are just as excited, on our behalf about the project.

Unfortunately, yesterday, one of the construction workers Bev, was subject to abuse whilst removing cones in the Gotham Road Car Park. The reason for this was none other than someone could not, for a short period of time, park in the car park. The car park is coned off from time to time to allow for deliveries of play equipment and large mechanical machinery. We don’t always know the exact time a delivery will arrive, hence the car park being coned off for periods of time please avoid parking in the coned off areas. Any problems please contact the Parish Office.





After two years of planning by East Leake Parish Council, consultation with residents, schools, uniformed groups by our play equipment working party parents and consultation and quotes from five play equipment providers, fund raising and finally a planning application, the refurbishment of the play equipment on Gotham Road Recreation ground is now underway.

The project is being funded by the Parish Council in partnership with the People’s Millions Big Lottery who, after the most fantastic support from the local community, awarded us £50,000 grant towards the project.                       

The project plans have been on display in the Parish Council offices and many young people from our local schools have called in to take a look and have made it very clear to us what sort of equipment they want to see on the recreation ground. We have met that challenge every step of the way. Indeed, some mums and dads were not so keen on some of the equipment their children had chosen but have been well and truly overruled!

We understand from the contractors  that the refurbishment should take approximately three weeks subject to the weather and any unforeseen factors  in the meantime some of the present equipment will be moved or taken away for refurbishment. Brand new equipment will be installed as per the plans. What this means is that some equipment will still be available for use during the project build, some equipment will be fenced off and therefore not available for use and some areas of the actual recreation ground itself will be fenced off. So, with safety in mind and in order for the project not to be delayed, could we ask that everyone adheres to health and safety notices which may be posted around the area. Please do not access fenced off areas. We would particularly ask that when you are out and about in the area you report to the parish council any inappropriate activity. We have asked the police to keep an eye on the area at this important time throughout the project build.

We will keep you up to date via the Parish Council website and Facebook.

Lesley Bancroft Clerk to East Leake Parish Council

Tel: 01509 852217

Back Row (left to right): Jeff Jones, Peter Rapley, John Thurman, Ron Hetherington, Conrad Oatey

Middle Row (l to r):         Kevin Shaw, Carys Thomas, Liz Taylor, Gary Grayston, Mel Roper

Front Row (l to r):            Caroline Harroe, Lorna Clark, Marie Males, Glennis Robinson

Not in photo: Moira Males



How your Council works

All Council Meetings are open to the public, and are advertised on the village noticeboards. Minutes are also published on the Parish Council website ( whole Council meets monthly on the 4th Tuesday at 7.30pm. At this the first 15 minutes are allocated for any topic to be raised by the general public. Whilst this is often not used, it is your opportunity to make your views known and minuted.

Much of the Council’s work is done in 3 committees, which are:

  • Management Committee (7.30pm, 2nd Tuesday of the month). This committee is responsible for finance (preparing the budget, monitoring income and expenditure, accounting controls), staffing matters and policies.
  • Amenities Committee (7.30pm, 3rd Tuesday of the month). This committee is responsible for all the areas which the Parish Council maintains in the village, including Meadow Park, Oldershaw Trust land, the Glebe, burial ground, playground, car parks and public toilets.
  • Planning Committee (7pm on 2nd, 3rd and 4th Tuesdays, when needed). The prime purpose of this committee is to comment on local planning applications submitted to Rushcliffe Borough Council (RBC) and to provide the Parish Council’s response to them. This committee does NOT grant or refuse permission, but is consulted by RBC. It also may discuss other issues related to planning matters, including the Conservation Area in the village.

If you have a particular interest in an agenda item on any of these committees, please do come to the meeting and let the Chair or Clerk know that you would like to address the meeting on that topic. Arrangements will then be made to close the meeting at the appropriate point to allow you to speak. We would encourage you to make your views known on topics which the Committees are considering.


Portfolio Holders 2015/16


Portfolios are areas of interest adopted by specific Councillors. This enables the Clerk to channel any papers to the relevant person for consideration. In many cases the portfolio holder will liaise with the relevant external authority to request information. Whilst a number of these portfolios are outside the control of the Parish Council, the portfolio holder can also be a point of contact for you in relation to any concerns or questions you may have.


Named Representative(s) & Contact   Number


Highways and Pavements

John Thurman ( 01509-852834)

The Environment, Meadow   Park

Marie Males   (01509-852456)

Policing, Crime   Prevention, CCTV and Neighbourhood Watch

Ron Hetherington   (01509-880760)

Planning, Local   Developments and the Conservation Area

Carys Thomas (01509-853975)

Rights of Way

Liz Taylor   (01509-852588)

Moira Males (01509-6508)


Lorna Clark   (01509-559708)

Mel Roper (07843010638)

Youth Issues,   Playgrounds and Recreation

Gary Grayston   (01509-820801)

Glennis Robinson   (01509-852797)

Christmas and Floral   Decorations

Kevin Shaw   (01509-559002)

Business, Employment and   Local Traders

Mel Roper (07843010638)

Village Burial Ground   and Closed Churchyard

Conrad Oatey   (01509-852549)






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